Beware of impostors!

Beware of impostors!

April 12, 2019

There has been a recent influx of fake Swedish dishcloths posing as authentic Swededishcloths out there.  

If you buy and receive a "Swedish Dishcloth" that is packaged in plastic, and seems wet when you open it, it is not authentic.  In fact it contains petroleum based fibers, that is why they are always wet to the feel.

Authentic Swedish Dishcloths always dry quickly, and are rigid when dry.  Why is this?  They are manufactured from all natural and sustainable fibers from wood pulp and cotton.

All the wood pulp is from sustainable FSC certified forests as well.  And of course, Cotton is a natural fiber derived from annual harvestable crop.

No one company can own the trademark "Swedish Dishcloth", as it is a general term (although we did try!)  We do however have the trademark SWEDEdishcloths.  Look for this trademark wherever you buy your cloths to ensure that you are purchasing authentic and original Swedish Dishcloths!

We appreciate your business, and your patronage.