March 23, 2018

Few time ago we start to have a sustainable life, this transition is being a little hard I remember how surprised we were when saw a lot of plastic bags, container, bottles, plastic everywhere...., we realized that moment how much we waste in our life however We'll talk about our experiences next time. Now, I want to make my own natural cleaners there are a lot of advantages online....that's great,  and other blog I'll show you all the result to this experience, okay lets see some of these greats recipes  Being GREEN it is great!!!!!!!!!!.

Combined in various ways, these common household items work just as well as the most expensive and noxious cleaners on the market:

Always perform a test for allergies before using new ingredients or essential oils. Simply dab a bit of the item on the underside of your wrist and watch for any indicators of inflammation




************************************************************************************************GO GREEN WITH SWEDEdishcloths.

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